Welcome! Have a look around the and come cure all your Wip fixes and RationKit hunger pangs. 


This is the official #FreeWips/RationKit pickup spot. These packs are tailor-made for digital mediums so you can always represent the AC and OddWatch even when in the field. If you came looking for Jay Akita prints and other merch, just click here.


Make sure to check back regularly for any new packs and send me a message if you have a suggestion for a design pack.


Custom packs can be made for a fee.


Register to be an Akita Corps Agent and always get direct alerts about new stuff happening and pack drops.




What are #FreeWips and rationKits?

The #FreeWips and RationKit packs are two series that feature "screen-only" art, designed not for print but rather devices like phones, laptops/tablet, etc. Unlike the prints, these projects are made for your casual consumption, to help alleviate those lonely, hungry times of new prints being created. #FreeWips and RationKits are not about the quantity but the quality of the theme for the project.

Jay Akita

Odd Watch Productions

Graphic artist/designer

Washington, DC


Jay Akita is 1/3 of the founding force behind Odd Watch Productions (@oddwatch). Along with fellow DC and MN artists not.p00p and Kat Tanaka, they head an artist collective of DMV visual and musical artists.


OW was created not to focus on just the art created but the actual artist behind the work and the unique artistic processes that go on behind the curtain of creativity and having unconventional ways for it to enter the world.



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